Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Italian Marble Fountain

The Italian Marble Fountain at the mall, you can't see them but there are 4 hand carved horses in the bottom pool, each was carved from a single piece of marble in Italy along with the rest of the fountain. We had the unveiling at 10 am this morning. 1600 gallons of water are shot through 42 nozzles into the second pool, the top pool is filled by water running out of the top. The fountain is computerized so if the wind speed is above 6 mph it will go to half power (at half power in photo) and will shut down over 20 mph. Normal flow the water would be going into the second pool just above head height. It has been warm (70's) and windy all day. Bridget and Annie went grocery shopping and bummed out today. They usually hang out together when I am working on weekends. Bridget and I are going out to dinner with Kay and Bo tonight, she is feeling good enough to celebrate her last chemo treatment. May make chat later than normal.

Stay Safe

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  1. John, just found your site and thoroughly enjoyed following it all the way through. Two jobs, you are certainly an industrious fellow.
    We also were at Branson, a lot of fine folks with similar interests all in one location, had a great time.
    Really like your site, especially your Play List...must have taken quite a bit of time to get all those songs in place, I really enjoyed listening while reading. This has been one of the most enjoyable sites I've been on, primarily due to the music, but also because of your material.
    Now that I have found you, keep up the good work. Thanks
    Marty Hill