Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Van

Bridget is a little sore but okay. The other drivers insurance company has already called which is a good thing. We are heading to Tupelo, MS tomorrow for the Mid-Winter Chief's Conference and will be back Friday. Had the usual mall day with the boss going home sick early this morning. I had 8 people in the van (Has been nicknamed "meals on wheels" by Amy) heading to lunch at McB's, today was fried chicken, turnip greens, corn bread, mac and cheese and tea. After the mall I headed to Jackson to pick up a stationary bike for the IL's. From there to the house to take the dogs to the boarding kennel in Brandon. On the way it seams as if the transmission in the van is going out at 236,000 miles. Will get that checked when we get back from Tupelo. I will get pictures of the truck damage if I can remember to do it before it gets dark. We are going to see Four Christmases tonight, Bridget, Kay (she had here chemo yesterday), Nathan (Kay's DH), and Annie.

Stay Safe

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  1. They just don't make transmissions like they use to...LOL That is some kind of milage on a vehicle! I hope I get that on my truck.