Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Made It To Tupelo

Thanks to Bill on chat I was able to hook my Treo650 to my laptop to download truck pictures.

Left the house around 10:30am heading to Tupelo for the Mid Winter Chiefs Conference. We took the Natchez Trace which is a very nice drive. Speed limit on the Trace is 50mph but I drove 54 which the police that passed us must be okay with. We stopped in Houston, MS for lunch at a soul food restaurant, it was very good. Soul food is basically food that is fried in lard, cooked with pork fat, there is nothing diet about soul food. The main cook was probably 75 years old and it was all from scratch including the sweet potato pie down to the hand rolled pie crust. We arrived about 1:30 to find out our room was on the top floor and would not be ready until 3pm so we went over to the conference center and registered for the conference. We piddled around and after getting checked in we chilled in the room. They have free wifi. Supper was at Tupelo Fire Equipment, we had catfish, coleslaw, hushpuppies, and FF's. We are back at the hotel continuing our chill schedule. Conference starts at 8:30am which I will be in all day. I think Bridget plans on going shopping tomorrow.

Stay Safe

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  1. shopping could be a bad thing FD. I have been there and seen what that can do to the old bank account LOL