Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Golf Day

Received a text this morning at 6:35 for a 9:06 tee time. Got ready and Russell picked me up at the house a little after 8. Today I shot a 120, counting all strokes and drop balls. That is my normal golf score. I need to update my clubs as the folks we were playing with asked me why I don't have a driver, I laughed and said I do but it is old and at the time I bought it it was so big I didn't know if it was a legal club. Now my driver looks like a putter compared to the new drivers. We had beautiful weather for golf and finished up around 12:30. Russell and I stopped by C'Paws for lunch then headed back to the house. When I got home around 2:15, a nap had my name on it. Nap time was over around 4.


  1. Glad you had fun playing golf...

    Have Fun!

  2. Now you sound like a person I would enjoy playing golf with. I don't play but once a year if I am lucky. My driver is large but that has not improved my game any.