Friday, August 28, 2009

Lack Of Sleep

After yesterday's post, the electronic locking system for the FD went out. 2 service repairmen showed up at 5 and started working on the system. They crossed some wires and burnt out the computer board. They left and said another person would be bringing another board. He showed up around 7:30 and worked, after burning out another computer board he determined there was a short in the system. He got half the station to lock down. Several hours later (12:15am) he narrowed it down the the bay door circuit. He left and I finally got into bed around 12:45 after securing the back doors. A few calls during the night and it was 6. Got up and got ready to leave at 8. Worked the mall until 3, watered plants and cleaned pond filters. Got home and started my nap, it ended at 6:40 when Bridget woke me up saying we have a showing of the house tomorrow at 10:30am.

Stay Safe

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  1. Oh I bet your beat! I am crossing my fingers that your house will sell tomorrow... Good Luck!

    Have Fun