Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Question

First to answer a question from Debbie, Hey guys... when do you actually stop working and hit the road? The answer: Bridget retired in 2004 so she is ready anytime. I on the other hand am still working 2 jobs as most of you know. My part time job is the mall, I will give two weeks notice when we close on the house. My full time job is the FD, I am eligible for retirement now but will continue working until the house sells. The house has been on the market a week with nothing so far, open house is scheduled for this Sunday, crossed fingers. My earliest retirement will be January 2010 if the house sells before October. The state requests 3 months notice for retirement paperwork, I work for a city but we are on state retirement. If it sells after October, I will retire 3 months after we close on the house. We will then be on the road. Our road plans are to travel January through the middle of November. Between November and January we will have our physicals, eye and dental appointments and visiting with family and friends.

My sister dropped my mom and aunt Martha off last night as she is going to the Bristol night race this weekend. This morning Bridget and I took mom and aunt Martha up to Grenada to meet aunt Martha's son Winston. They will be up there for a week or so visiting Winston and Patty. Winston lives around Sardis Lake. When I got back home we had lunch then at 1 I had my dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned. We are going for a weekend camping trip so I finally installed the dual air suspension. The trailer has air suspension but it was one inlet for both sides, now I can air each side individually. Then the rains came so I am inside in my recliner.

Stay Safe

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  1. HI there, Thanks for answering my question... I know just how excited you are to get started we were too... It will happen soon I am sure and I will pray for your house to sell really soon... My son-in-law works for the FD too in Florida. You guys are my heroes!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe