Monday, August 24, 2009

Open House And Cell Phones

Got an email from the realtor saying they had 3 visitors for the open house on Sunday, they said that was a good turnout, no offers though.
This past weekend I was having problems with my 4 year old cell phone and with our contracts up we looked at Verizon which is what we have our air card through. Ended up with 2 LG enV3 phones with the friends and family plan.
2 calls so far today at the FD, working the mall tomorrow until 2:30, dentist appointment at 3 to have a filling replaced. About it for now.

Stay Safe

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  1. Good luck with the sale of your home. We will probably be looking at selling out home and property in a few years. But...for now we are going to begin taking short trips in WA and OR (for now). I think you will be happy with your choice of Verizon. That's what we have for our cells and will be using Verizon on the road as well. Husband has been busy getting it all set up. He's the "tech" in our faily. Stop by and visit at our we get organized and venture out.remigase