Thursday, October 22, 2009

They're Back

Kris and Poppa


Bridget was up at 8 and I got up at 10. Bridget made Dutch Babies for breakfast as we waited for the rain to stop. Today was the day that Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie would arrive from Seagoville, TX. This park was booked full as the Boy Scouts had reserved an entire campground loop. I went into town and picked up a C clamp and fixed the broken dish arm, we now have TV, internet is still slow as we are in the middle of nowhere. They arrived around 4:30. Bridget and I threw together some BBQ and beans, chips, salad along with the snacks and food that Sherri and Leslie brought over after they set up, needless to say we all were full. After eating, Joe and Sherri's daughter Jennifer and her husband Frank came by and visited a while. There daughter Sarah would be staying with Joe and Sherri along with Kris. Joe and Sherri brought Kris with them. When they left Joe and Sherri took Kris and Sarah back to there trailer. Mike and Leslie stayed at our place and we played 10 pennies. 10 pennies is a card game played with 3 decks of cards, we played 3 rounds, the girls won 2 rounds and we won 1 round. It was around 11 when we finished. We enjoyed learning the new game 10 pennies, thanks Mike and Leslie.

Stay Safe

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