Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a Ride

Bridget sitting on the picnic table talking with Carrie Acton Black, an old high school bud.

Our site at Hickory Creek COE looking toward Lake Lewisville

We are at Hickory Creek COE after a 4.5 hour trip from Canyon Lake and the rest of the story. We made one stop for lunch at a rest area. We arrived around 3:30 to what we thought was Hickory Creek but the GPS took us to Lake Lewisville RV park which is run by the City of Lewisville. I asked the lady inside where HC was located and she said she didn't know the address but it was the Swisher Road exit and gave me the direct number to the park. We drove up and exited at Swisher and I called the number, the lady answered and I asked for directions. She said which way are you coming and I told her I35 North exiting on Swisher, "Do I turn right or left". She said which way are you coming from, I said Northbound I35 like I am heading to Oklahoma. When I exit Swisher do I turn right or left. She said did you cross over the bridge? You have to cross over the bridge. By this time I had exited and turned left assuming it was in that direction. I then told her I was on Swisher and did not see any signs for the park and she said, Did you cross over the bridge? I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to and she said no. I told her we would drive around until we found it. I called Speedy but got his voice mail. We drove down Swisher and made some turns thinking it would take us close but ended up being a dead end. This bites when you are towing a 36' trailer. Plugged in the original address and got back to the interstate and headed back to Swisher Road exit and turned right. We crossed over a bridge so we thought we were close and drove down and few miles and found the Little Elm police station and turned in. Walked in and asked where the HC CoE campground was located. Answer: Never heard of it. She looked it up and said I needed to go back over the bridge and it was somewhere off of Swisher and gave me a partial printed map. I had to back out of there too. I entered one of the street names and off we went. It is now 5:30 and we finally arrived, 6.5 hours later. Got set up and turned the air on, no power. Electrical management system showed L1 with 127 volts and L2 with 3 volts and a low voltage code. EMS will not turn on in a low voltage situation to protect the electrical system of the trailer. The campground host was not in so I drove back around to the gate. The maintenance people got off at 4:30 but she reported the problem. Should be repaired in the morning or we will be moved to another site. I am currently hooked up on the 30 amp plug. We left out to Walmart for fuel and groceries but on the way Bridget said she was hungry and so was I so we stopped off at a very good Italian restaurant. We are back at the CG. I am still coughing at night so I haven't had a good night sleep in a while. Changed up my meds at Walmart. Hoping for a good night sleep.

Stay Safe


  1. Oh boy, what a day! Hope it gets better..

  2. Wow you two, sorry to hear how your day went and really sorry to hear you aren't getting much better John.

    You are in a beautiful place, hopefully the change in meds will help you some.

    Try and have a good time despite the crap.

    Take care,
    Connie (rodnreal)

  3. Oh that is so awful to go through such a rigamarol to get there! Perhaps you can suggest to a supervisor or higher-up to make a little let of directions coming from all possible ways, laminate it, and keep it near the phone so any personnel could access it. Some foks just aren't good at giving directions. How frustratuing!

    Hope your power pole gets a good look at. Lucky you have the protection and use it. Some folks just blindly plug in first, then wonder why all their stuff is not working correctly.

  4. Man am I sorry John!! I had no idea that your GPS would not take you there or I would have drawn you a map. Can't believe they did not know about the park. GEEE I feel really bad about that. I guess I will have to make it up to you by taking you and Bridget out to eat Mexican food...or better yet I'll take you to the Casino in Oklahoma one night.

  5. Well that sounds frightful... I hate it when we get lost and can't find a CG. But when the person working there can't direct you that is even worse. WOW at least you're getting a free meal out of Joe... I'll have to remember this move. LOL LOLn Have Fun & Travel Safe!


  6. What kind of electrical management system do you have? Our 2006 Mobile Suite 36TK3 got zapped by poor power in June and lost electric to fridge, water pump, central vac, one TV, DVD/VCR, Microwave Convection. It's been in shop ever since waiting for insurance company and finally parts. I think if we had a decent system, this would not have happened. Thanks.

  7. Now that doesn't sound like fun. I'm glad you made it before dark. I hope your cough goes away real soon.

  8. Just count that trip as an adventure. LOL

    Hope you are feeling better.

  9. How long will you be in Hickory Creek? Mary and I live just down the road in Carrollton and Hickory Creek is one of the places we like to go for quick trips.

    Clark & Mary Carradine from the RV Dreams Rally

  10. Clark,
    We will be here until the 19th. Friday we will be in Denton and Saturday Joe and Sherri are taking us to Win Star in OK. I don't know of anything planned for Sunday.

  11. Susan,
    This is the EMS we have, I installed it myself.