Monday, October 19, 2009

Check In ... NO...Check Out

Our morning started out rather slow. Fred woke at 7:00 a.m. and wanted his morning walk and bowl of food. I returned to bed and John and I didn't eat breakfast until 9:30. We started to put up things and getting the rig ready and finally pulled out of the park around 11:00. The drive over to The Holiday Villages at Lake Fork was uneventful. After checking in at the front gate we drove around to find a site only to find we really didn't want to stay there. The park was poorly laid out and the sites consisted mostly of grass which, with the amount of rain recently, could mean getting our heavy diesel truck stuck. We quickly drove back to the front gate and checked out. The decision was made to drive on over to Lake Tawakoni State Park in Wills Point, Texas. Joe and Sherri were right.....this is a real nice park.

I fixed meatloaf patties, rice and steamed vegetables for dinner and then we settled in for a quiet evening on our computers.

On a side note, one of my readers last week asked about our EMS (Electrical management system) and I forgot to mention it in my next days post. This is the link to the unit we have. I purchased it from Tweety's and installed it myself.
It is the hard wired version with remote display. It has turned itself off in a few parks. Works great and I recommend you have one for your RV.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe.

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  1. Well neighbor...looks like I'll be getting whipped at Mexican Train here in a few days! We usually stay in site 69...I think it is right across from where you are staying. If your still there I will see you Thursday afternoon.