Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Day at Lake Tawakoni

No rain today! Yea!!!!! Last night Mike, Leslie, John and I had decided if it did not rain today we would go sightseeing and shopping in Rockwall today. Around 11:00 a.m. we loaded up and headed to Rockwall. After dropping off a prescription at Walgreens we drove over to Soulman’s BBQ and Mike bought everyone’s lunch. Thanks Mike. There was a sign on the front of the building as we entered that said, “We are not stingy with our meat.” They really do load you up with meat. Mike and Leslie chose BBQ pork sandwich plates, John chose a rib plate and I opted for BBQ beef sandwich. It was delicious. After finishing lunch we all agreed to go over to Kohl’s to look around. Of course we all bought stuff. Who can go to Kohl’s and not buy something. LOL John ventured over to the kitchen section of the store and found a set of Simply Lite Corning Ware. This stuff is perfect for RV life as it weighs 50% lighter than regular corning ware. John bought a set and so did Leslie. Leslie and I found some items in the clothing section that we just “could not leave in the the store cause the price was so good” as well as finding new purses. Even Mike found a couple of real good bargains. He is now sporting a nice new hat. Leslie and I also purchased three special picture frames that say, “Friends (noun. plural) 1. those cool people with whom you can be yourself, act silly and laugh out loud 2. the people with whom you always have tons of FUN!” We thought it would be cool to take a picture of all of us together and have one of these frames for our campers. We have had such a great time with our RV buddies it is very hard to say goodbye… only if it is just goodbye for now.

Around 4:00 p.m. we decided to head back to the campground to finish getting things ready for dinner. Leslie had cooked a pot roast in the crock pot while we were away and it sure smelled good. John and I headed over to Mike and Leslie’s around 6:00 p.m. with corn and Texas toast to add to the meal. Joe Sherri, and Kris arrived right after us and we all discussed the events of the day. Besides the delicious pot roast that Leslie cooked she also had noodles and salad. Sherri had to work today so we wanted to have the meal ready when she got off so we could all sit back and enjoy our last night with them for a while. After dinner we enjoyed German Chocolate cake, ice cream and key lime pie. Yum Yum. Then it was picture time. Joe set the timer on the camera and jumped into into place just in time to get the snap shot. He is so talented. Go Joe!

Dream Team

Joe, Sherri and Kris left early as she had to get up early to get to work tomorrow so we said our goodbyes to her tonight. It was hard. We will say our goodbyes tomorrow to the rest of our friends. Hopefully we will see them again real soon on the road. Of course we had to stay and play just one more round of 10 Penny with Mike and Leslie. The ladies were doing so well until the second half then the men caught us. We will definitely need a rematch the next time we meet. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy Trails. Be Safe.

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  1. You three will be missed by us all...Fred Bridget and John until we are together again...

    Somewhere in Time