Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom Hatch & Aunt Martha’s last day of their visit.

Today is the last day of Mom Hatch and Aunt Martha’s visit.  John was off today and met with the attorney to finalize Mom Hatch’s estate planning.

Bob and Marcy had an appointment to have maintenance work done on their car today and I was to pick them up early this morning.  Afterwards we planned on meeting up with Annie and going Christmas shopping. Annie had an exam with her company first thing this morning.  She passed and was so excited as it will give her a designation with the company.  Congratulations Annie.

By the time Annie met up with us it was lunchtime so we decided to go to Piccadilly restaurant.  I called John and he, Mom Hatch and Aunt Martha had just left the attorney’s office  so they met us for lunch.  After lunch John drove Mom Hatch and Aunt Martha back home to Crystal Springs and the rest of us continued on with the Christmas shopping determined to finish. 

Tomorrow I will be traveling with Bob and Marcy to Vidor, Texas to attend the funeral of our Uncle Ben Wallace. 

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. Chatted with John last night and he told us you were headed to Texas. Too bad it is not up here where we are...Oh well sell that house and come see us.