Monday, December 21, 2009

Wal-Mart….grocery shopping!

John off today. Yeah !! We slept in late….almost 10:00!!! I think we could really get used to this. The weather was nice today… warm we wore short sleeves.

Later this afternoon John and I ventured out into the crazy shopping world to get a wedding gift for one of the fire fighters and to go grocery shopping at …..WAL-MART… of all places! After purchasing the wedding gift at Bed, Bath and Beyond we decided we were hungry and ended up at a local Chinese buffet. The food was very good and at the end of the meal the waitress brought us our fortune cookies. Mine read, “The winds of change will blow your way next month” and John’s read, “Never give up” I wonder if that means something about the house. I sure hope it does. LOL

By the time we reached Wal-Mart it was after 5:30 p.m. and just in time for the after work rush crowd. What was I thinking???

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Debra, a friend and reader of the blog asked about 10 penny. Debra this is a link for the card game 10 penny. We use 3 decks of cards including the jokers.

Stay Safe

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  1. I don't think we could sleep in until 10:00, but it sounds like fun! Merry Christmas.