Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelsey.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter-in-law Kelsey.  She is 24 years young today.

Today was spa day for Fred.  We dropped him off at a place called Puppy Suds in Madison.  He went there when we were here in August and liked the service and the price.  Fred really likes his spa days. LOL


Fred really is very spoiled.

Tonight we met our son Robert and daughter-in-law Kelsey at one of their favorite restaurants, EDO Japanese Restaurant.  Robert and Kelsey ordered sushi, John ordered some sushi and hibachi chicken and I had the hibachi shrimp.  The food was excellent   We enjoyed our visit with Robert and Kelsey very much.

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Our son Robert and daughter-in-law Kelsey.

Tomorrow we are heading to Raccoon Valley Escapees Park in Heiskell, TN.  We will be staying there while the truck bed is getting installed.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. You know, if you live in their house, you have to go by THEIR rules :) :)

  2. What a great looking couple!! Robert looks just like John..Enjoy your weather...Wind chills suppose to be -20 degrees tomorrow..We can hardly wait.

  3. Look how cute they are... ☺
    ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday kelsey♫♪♫
    Stay safe and have fun!!!