Monday, January 17, 2011

Kobo eReader

60 degrees today and no rain. Yeah!!!!  I could get used to this. LOL

When I checked my email this morning I had a sales email from Borders Bookstore.  The one they usually send with the new book releases and such.  I noticed they had the Kobo eReaders on sale for $99.00 with a $40.00 coupon and Borders Rewards card.  My sister bought one last month and really liked hers.  I have been looking at eReaders for a while and decided today was the day.  John and I went out after lunch to pick up my prescription from Wal-mart and then went over to Borders. 

021 Here it is.  Know I have to learn how to use it.

After our shopping trip it was time to cook dinner. Tonight we had chicken breasts sautéed’  in olive oil, yellow peppers, red onions and lemon grass with brussel sprouts and corn.  I had some left over rice so I served the chicken over it. 


Later on tonight we went over to Bob and Marcy’s for some 10 Penny.  I won two rounds and Marcy won one.  I think the men would like a rematch. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I think you will enjoy your eReader. They really are a good solution for being in an RV. We have the NOOK and love it. Unfortunately, I have lost it pretty much full time to Ellen. We are now considering buying another one. You dinner looks great!


  2. Enjoy your new reader Bridget. I bought Rod a Kindel last year for his birthday and he uses it daily. I also bought him the little clip light for it which he loves for reading at night.

    Take care

  3. Dinner looks yummy & healthy...I really need to get on this band wagon with everyone! I have been thinking ereader but so confuse over brands... would love more info on them!
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. Hope you enjoy your eReader. Johnny got me a color Nook for Christmas and I LOVE it! We landed on the color Nook because of the ability to subscribe to magazines -- something we think will be a great thing once we are traveling more. For now, still at Milwood Landing.

  5. Your dinner looks wonderful..I LOVE brussel sprouts!! I should really consider some kind of e-reader too...I'm just not too sure I want to give up my bound books!