Monday, January 10, 2011

No snow……just ice.

Well, we did not get the snow that some people in the surrounding areas got.  However, we did get some ice.

001 Ice on the steps.  Had to be very careful when I took Fred out.

003Ice on the back of the Freightliner.

004Ice on the gray boy.

005Ice on the front of the Freightliner.

007 Another picture of the back of the Freightliner.

008Ice on the hitch.

Since the weather was still gloomy and cold today it was a lazy sort of day…….although I did get my Wii workout in. LOL  We settled in to watch a movie and Fred decided he wanted John’s attention.





Don’t know what John was saying but Fred was listening. LOL

We stayed in with the exception of Fred’s outings, John’s trip to to the grocery store and later to Bob and Marcy’s for some 10 Penny. 

Tonight we played three games of 10 Penny.  Bob, Marcy and I each won a game.  The cards were not kind to John tonight.  That is strange because he usually has one of the lowest scores.  He will get us next time.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Sometimes a lazy day is good... Be careful in that ice!!!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Ohhhh boy that is not nice~! I shivver just thinking about going out the door when it's like that.

    To let the dogs out so I don't have to this is what I do. I put them on their long extenda flexi retractable leash and open the door. Iet them go out till the they reach the end of the leash, and then lock it and shut the door on the line! (with the handle inside the motorhome)

    Later when the rain stops, or ice melts, or gets light whatever, then I go out and clean up the deposits... haha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. When we had our lab, Gypsy, we put a rug on our back deck and steps for her...She was almost 13 when she died and had some trouble with ice toward the end...Tell Fred to be careful...(See how I'm more worried about Fred than you two...)

  4. Hi John and Bridget,
    I had some little zip-ties and attached some scraps of commercial carpet, the size of the steps, for two reasons.
    One, so they wouldn't be slippery, as they can be dangerous when wet, and secondly, so the dogs wouldn't get their toe nails stuck in the little holes. One dog broke her toe, and twisted her leg, that way.

    The carpet lasted about two years, and then I did it again.

    Or you could get some cheap rubber 'Welcome' mats fron the Dollar Store, and do the same thing.

    Just my tuppence (2 cents in Brit)
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Be careful on those icy steps. I like your followers ideas.

    Blessings, Kathy