Monday, August 15, 2011

Bonelli’s, Deer and Turkeys

This morning while Aunt Eloise and I were in the kitchen cooking breakfast one of the eyes on the electric stove shorted out. John finished cooking our meal outside on the grill. After the stove cooled off he took a close look at it to see what the damage was. The stove can still be used, it just has three eyes.

After breakfast John drove into town to check on the progress of the RV. It has been moved to the paint shop but they are still waiting on parts. The parts were shipped on August 4th! John checked with DRV to see if they had a delivery date and it was today. Finally the parts arrived with the exception of the decal. It will be here on the seventeenth. Wow! Talk about moving at a snail’s pace.

Aunt Eloise treated us to lunch at Bonelli’s today. She and I ate there last week and loved it so we knew John would like it. Thanks Aunt Eloise for a great lunch.




Pollo Pesto Panino (Roasted chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh house pesto, aioli & Italian cheeses) This was my plate.


Figsciutto Panino (Proscuitto, balsamic onions, havarti cheese, arugula and a fig aioli) This was John’s plate. He and Aunt Eloise ordered the same thing. On our way back to Aunt Eloise’s we went by Stage Stop to check on Fred. He has been boarded there since Tuesday of last week so we went by to take him for a walk.

As we turned on to the road leading to Aunt Eloise’s John saw a large buck in the grass staring at us.


At first the deer was sitting or laying in the grass.


He finally stood up. Look at his rack.


I guess he finally got tired of us looking at him so he left.

Later on John noticed some visitors in Aunt Eloise’s front yard.


There are two turkeys in this bush. The small one is to the left and the large one on the right.







They came, they ate the berries off her bush and left. I followed them down the road a ways to get a picture. When they finally noticed me they ran off. Too funny.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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