Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RV to be ready tomorrow.

This morning Aunt Eloise had a dentist appointment so we went in town with her.  Before leaving we noticed a deer in the yard.


While she was at her appointment John and I went to Home Depot, Target and finally to Borders to check out the Going Out of Business Sale.   Didn’t find anything in Borders that I could not live without.  The prices are still a little high.

After lunch John changed the oil in Aunt Eloise’s lawn mower and snow blower.  Later in this afternoon we played some 10 Penny.  John won a round and Aunt Eloise won two rounds.  I came in dead last. Oh, well better luck next time. LOL 

Tonight as we were eating dinner John looked out the back window and saw a deer and two babies across the bayou.  I grabbed my camera to get the picture.  It turned out a little blurry.


Tomorrow morning we will go pick up Fred then the RV.   I can’t believe it is finally ready. Yeah!  We will miss Aunt Eloise, the 10 Penny games and our adventures here.  John and I appreciate her so much for all her help while we here awaiting RV repairs.  Thanks so much Aunt Eloise we love you.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. Sometimes things happen for reasons..If the Mobile Suites didn't get an owie, you wouldn't have spent so much quality time with your Aunt..