Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haircut and Flowers

RV went in the shop today. Yeah! While John was hooking up the RV to the Freightliner Aunt Eloise and I went off to the cosmetology school to get our hair cut. When we arrived we were told all the students were in class and appointments could be made for 1:00. We made appointments and left. Since we had some time to kill we stopped off at Wal-mart. Everybody knows you can always kill time in Wal-mart. LOL It turned out to be real convenient as I had a prescription that needed refilling. After leaving Wal-mart we went to a couple more stores then it was time for lunch.

Aunt Eloise took me to one of her favorite places called Bonelli’s Bistro. This was a real treat. Aunt Eloise had the Pollo Pesto Panino which is a Panini with roasted chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh house pesto, aioli and Italian cheeses. I had the Calabrian Turkey Melt which is a Panini with roasted turkey, roma tomatoes, arugula, provolone cheese, asparagus and a calabrian aioli. Sorry I forgot to take pictures. The food really was a work of art and soooooooo good!. If you ever find yourself the Kalispell, MT area and love Itailan food this is a good place to stop.

After our marvelous lunch we made our way over to the cosmetology school. Thank goodness we made appointments because the place was packed. Aunt Eloise wanted a regular haircut for curly hair and I was there to get the “hack-job” from the Idaho Wal-mart corrected. We were both very pleased with the outcome.

Later in the afternoon while Aunt Eloise was watering her flowers I ventured outside to get some pictures. Her flowers are so pretty.















Thanks Aunt Eloise for a wonderful day and inviting us to stay with you while the RV is being repaired.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. You two are really gonna miss Aunt Eloise..and she will surely miss you!