Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adam’s Rib Co.

John had his usual park duties today.   When he went over to the bath house he saw a snake.  It seems like the snakes come out when he is around. 
This is at the ladies bath house.
Fred was his usual self today…..hoping to get a taste of people food.

Fred patiently watching John eat a bowl of cereal wanting a taste.
Fred finally looks over at me.  Looks like he might be thinking…..ok I am still here….please give me a taste. LOL
We finally got some rain today. Yeah!! This area really needs it.  It didn’t rain long very long and the ground sucked it up like a sponge. 
Tonight we rode over to the School of Massage in Gainesville for our massage appointments.  Both of us had an hour massage for $45.00 total.  Now that’s a deal.   After leaving the School of Massage it was dinner time.  John pulled into Adam’s Rib Co.  One of the locals in Keystone Heights told him how good their BBQ is so you know we had to try it.  Anybody who knows John knows he loves him some BBQ.
John’s plate. 
John and his bowl of banana pudding.   Ribs and banana pudding makes John a happy man. LOL
The food was quite tasty and the service was excellent.
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I like the big roll of paper towels on the table!! Nobody around here can eat without Casey sitting there staring at them!

  2. Very clever name of that rib place...I can go through a whole roll of paper towels just by myself ...eating ANYTHING....;-/