Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting with a police dog.

Spent the night at Harold and Sandie’s and got up early to go to the ball park.  Harold has a boiled peanut booth and this is the busy season for him.  He had already left when we got up so Sandie, John and I got ready and prepared to leave.   Before leaving I took Fred out for a potty break.  I was out front with Fred and was turning around to head back inside when I heard a dog bark and growl and sounds of running in my direction. Thinking it was the large aggressive dog that belongs to their next door neighbor I started running with Fred to the front door.  I was so close I just knew I could make it inside. Not!!!  (I know running is not what you should do but you know that fight or flight reflex…….well the flight reflex won. LOL)  I heard yelling and barking then I screamed hoping John would be at the door.   The dog arrived at the door ahead of Fred and I, just as John opened it and stepped out.  By this time John, Sandie and I noticed a police officer behind me in pursuit of the dog.  It turns out the dog was his new police dog,  a German Shepard puppy.  Unfortunately, the dog was not listening to his commands to stop.  I don’t know exactly how old the puppy is but he is much larger than Fred and scared the crap of me.  As soon as the officer arrived the dog sat down.  It appears he just wanted to play with Fred. The police officer was very apologetic.  What a way to start the day!!!  I bet I woke up the whole neighborhood. 
Harold at his peanut booth.
Tonight we enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner prepared by Sandie.  Thanks so much Sandie. We enjoyed it very much.
Fred playing with a ball he found.  Looks like his is over his scare from this morning.

The night was still young so Harold, Sandie, Lester, Savannah, Nicole, John and I played a couple rounds of 10 Penny.  As usual there were lots of laughs.
Harold making a play.
John and Lester waiting on cards to be dealt.
Sandie, Nicole and Savannah getting ready for the next round.
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.