Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Volunteer Jobs

We have had a few folks wonder what we are actually doing with our volunteer positions. Gold Head Branch State Park has 16 cabins and 3 campground loops. Sandhill Campground has 18 sites, I am taking care of that loop. Turkey Oak loop has 19 sites and Lakeview loop has 36 sites. Each loop has a bathhouse. My job is to clean the bathhouse Monday-Friday twice a day. My initial Monday morning cleaning takes about 2 hours, Tuesday-Friday morning checks are about an hour.and the afternoon check is less then 10 minutes. I also clean out the fire pits and pick up any trash on Tuesday. Right now there are 3 campers in this loop but fills on the weekends. Bridget is helping Pat ready the cabins for the next renters. For our 50FHU site we are required to volunteer a total of 20 hours a week. The ranger wants us to change to the weekend job. Starting April 21 we will both be working Saturday and Sunday cleaning the bathhouses in all the loops and recreation building then have Monday-Friday off.

Stay Safe

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