Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to John.

Today my wonderful husband, John is celebrating his 51st birthday.  Happy Birthday John, love you.


Yesterday morning John decided he wanted to bake his own birthday cake.  He was trying out a new recipe.  Later in the afternoon our friends Barb and Bob Chuck arrived.  Of course we played several rounds of Ladder Golf then John cooked burgers.  After dinner John brought out the cake and ice cream for dessert.  His cake was very good.  When we were finished with the cake and ice cream John took it back inside.  We were all sitting outside visiting when we heard a loud thud.  John went to investigate and found that Fred had climbed onto my chair and made his way on top of the dining table to get him some cake.  The cake was upside down and when he flipped it over all the icing was gone.  I guess Fred liked the icing best.  So glad we had already gotten a piece of cake. LOL


This was Fred earlier in the day “neighbor watching” while John was baking the cake.  I wonder if he was contemplating stealing some cake then.  LOL


Barb and Bob Chuck


John and Barb.


Bob Chuck counting points.


Several rounds of Ladder Golf were played.  Barb and I won one game and the men won the rest.  I think we need a rematch. LOL  We enjoyed our visit with Barb and Bob Chuck very much and hope to see them down the road real soon.

Today was travel day for us.  We arrived in Casper, WY around 3:00 p.m. just before the rain started.   We are making our way to Gillette for the Escapees Rally.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Happy Birthday, John! I hope Fred doesn't have too bad of a stomach ache!

  2. HAPPY BIRHDAY JOHN...Sam and Donna
    Fred humans just don't understand some times, your dad should have just included you in the birthday cake because you wanted to help him celebrate too. Just tell them 'I'll be beter tomorrow mom and dad' always workes for me. Yeah the icing is always the best part...Riggins

  3. Both you and John look great..and 51 is the new 31 anyway. I think Fred was in the planning stages of the "great cake caper" when you thought he was watching the neighbors..I like how Fred thinks.