Tuesday, March 25, 2014

$3.99 lunch and a .99 Margarita.

John went over to check the air conditioner coils and refrigerator coils on Dick's trailer.  Everything is road ready for Dick's new journey.  Tomorrow will be his last day here.  It will be a sad day for Indian Springs State Park.  We will miss his smiling face and great sense of humor.

By the time John and Dick were finished with the trailer it was lunch time. Dick suggested La Hacienda in Jackson so away we went.  La Hacienda has a $3.99 lunch menu.  This price includes your lunch and a drink.  The restaurant also has .99 margaritas on certain days.  Today was .99 margarita day. 

.99 Frozen Margarita

My plate. 
John's plate
Dick and his plate. 

Don't know how they make money off a $3.99 lunch but we sure did enjoy it. 

The winds were high today and the temperature has fallen all afternoon.  It will be below freezing by morning.  I am so sick of this cold weather.  So ready for "real" spring weather. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. Not sure where you are on the map....I guess I could read that but I did not. We have been having great weather here. Miss Ya

  2. Between Atlanta and Macon, 17 miles East of I-75.

  3. Enough of those 99cent Margaritas and who gives a rat's ass about the cold, right?Hang in there...Spring is comin'.