Thursday, March 27, 2014

See Ya Later Dick and Skeeter

Up early to go to breakfast with Dick before he headed out.  We ate at a local restaurant called The Lunch Box.  A good choice.....very tasty food.  After breakfast we took Dick to get a few groceries then made our way back to the park but before we made it there we noticed some goats escaping from a hole in a fence.  The goats belong to a friend of Dick's so we stopped to see if we could corral them back under the fence.  John and Dick chased them back under the fence and found large limbs to block the hole.  Hopefully that kept them there until the owner made it back home.  Oh well, anything to prolong Dick's departure. LOL

Dick finally had everything road ready and stopped at the park office to say the final "see ya laters".  It was sad. 
Dick, Kim and Skeeter.
Kim, Me and John.
John, Me and Dick.  (This is the serious picture)
John, Me and Dick.  (This is the funny picture)  Got to have one of those. LOL
Dick and Skeeter making their escape before we all started crying. 
There they go. 
Safe travels to you my friend.  You will be missed.
It sure has been lonely around the park this afternoon. 
Site #52.  Dick and Skeeter's site.  

I talked to Dick tonight and he made it safely to his destination.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. We know how it is to see good friends leave. Hope you two stay safe.