Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh no.....John broke his hand.

Busy day today.  I stayed home to get the inside travel ready and John went the hospital to sit with Mom Hatch.  Tomorrow was supposed to be our travel day.  Later in the afternoon John went to a friend's shop and broke his hand while drilling holes to mount a tool box to the truck.   That was around 4:45 pm.  He stopped off at the MEA clinic on the way home and had it X-rayed.  It was definitely broken so they referred him on to River Oaks Hospital to have it set.   As you can tell by the clock in the hospital picture some time has elapsed and John was starting to feel the pain.

John waiting for the doctor to come in.  He really needed some pain medicine. 

All done and waiting to be discharged.

Tomorrow he is supposed to see a surgeon to determine if any surgery is needed.  Needless to say, we won't be heading out tomorrow. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Bummer. Hope John's hand heals up quickly. That sure doesn't sound like any fun.

  2. Now that's a nasty piece of bad luck. A new learning curve coming up trying to get along with one hand for awhile. Driving is definitely going to be a challenge. All the best with that & here's hoping the hand heals quickly.....

  3. Oh crap! Hope it heels quick and you 3 can get on the road.

  4. Oh no! I sure hope John doesn't need surgery.

  5. Bummer . . . hopefully he won't need surgery! Take Care!

  6. OH MY!!!! This is the case where we have that "gut check"...plans are made in jello...Good thing you are around family and I gotta believe things happen for reasons...John can check up on his mom while you are "grounded"...Hugs!!!