Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting settled in.

After breakfast we rode up to the office and visited with Kim then rode through the park to check out the changes before heading back to our place.   I took a few pictures and will take some more this week.  The park has a stone pavillion with two rooms that are used for weddings, receptions and reunions.  There are enough tables and chairs to seat 130 people.

One of the rooms.  Both rooms have fire places in them. 
A view of the kitchen area in one of the rooms.

The walkway at the stone pavilion 
 The area outside the stone pavilion. 

Our site.

Bob and Dick getting things ready for Dick's big move later next week. 
Dick's little dog Skeeter sitting with Fred.  They are people watching.
Chilling out and enjoying the sunshine.
Our work vehicle.
Tonight we all gathered for a potluck dinner.  I gets quite chilly when the sun goes down so we had a nice campfire. 

John, Barb, Bob and Dick sitting around the campfire.

Tomorrow our friends Barb and Bob will be heading out to their next destination.  We really appreciate them filling in for us at Indian Springs until we were able to arrive.  Thanks Barb and Bob.  See you at the Escapees Rally in May.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.