Saturday, September 27, 2008


Left the mall last night around 10:40p since I would be returning this morning, I was in bed and asleep by 11p with the alarm set for 6a, Fred usually sleeps to 5:56, you would think he would give me those extra 4 minutes but this morning he decided it would be nice to get up at 5:43 so I stayed in bed to 6:17 not able to go back to sleep. Got up, shower and breakfast and out the door. Arrived at 6:42 ready to work til 3p, but then I see the 3p relief man driving by before 8a, hmm ?, he tells me he has drill this weekend and won't be in until 5p. I got off at 5 and headed to the house. I'm in my recliner watching the last 2+ minutes of the Tenn/Auburn game, hope to stay awake to see the ending. See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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