Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Three Day Weekend

Got off from FD at 7am and headed to the house. Had grits and toast for breakfast. Hooked the truck and trailer up, finished loading the trailer, loaded the dogs and on the road by 8:15 heading to Tunica. Called Dortha and let them know we were en route. They were at the Audubon RV Park just of I-55. Made it to the office of Sam's Town RV Park and were told your friends got here about 10 minutes ago. Checked it and headed to the site, Mark and Dortha were setting up their beautiful Phaeton. Backed in next to them and set our 5'ver up. After we were both set up, we looked over the new Phaeton (inside and out) what a nice floor plan. They are heading out Sunday to Red Bay to have some minor warranty work done. After chatting a while, Mark came up with a great idea, let's go to Paula Deen's Buffet. It was around 2:30ish and my breakfast was long gone. We all jumped in their Jeep and off we went. I must say if you are in the area, this is a must eat at location. The buffet was kept fresh and the food, all of it, was outstanding. After eating everything I could see, we headed into the casino. My luck would stay the same as always so with in 15 minutes my $20 was gone, I ended up watching Bridget, Mark and Dortha. We got back to the RV park a little after 5 and decided to take a nap. Layed down at 5:20p. We were going back after our nap but I forgot to wake up. I did wake up at 10:20p and watch some Jay Leno, back to bed at 11:20p, I think my 80-90 hour work weeks caught up to me.

Woke up at 8:20a, 14 hours of needed sleep. Got up, showered and got ready for the day. Took the truck down to fill with diesel and grab a bite. Ended up at Krystal located in the gas station, this is not the place to eat. Back at the trailer we meet up with M&D, headed over to the River Museum then over to the outlet mall. I bought a wallet and Bridget bought a purse from the leather shop. Lunch was at Church's Fried Chicken then back to the trailer and watched a football game on the outside TV. The weather was nice, a little on the cool side but great football watching weather. Mark grilled pork chops and Dortha cooked up a rice and a vegetable dish. A wonderful meal with friends. The show we were going to see started at 7pm so after eating we got ready to head over to the casino. Roddy Carington was a great show with the exception of the drunk sitting behind us that kept talking. Security was called to remove them along with their camera, no photography allowed. After the show we meet up with M&D in the casino. Bridget ended up giving them the rest of her $20 so we ended up watching M&D. In bed at 11:20p.

Meet up with M&D at 8:15a for the breakfast buffet at Sam's Town. After overeating we walked back to the RV park and said goodbye's. M&D were heading to Red Bay to Tiffin Motorhomes for repair work, nothing major. Bridget and I headed back at noon.

After arriving back home and unloading the trailer I was getting online but Internet was still down. I called AT&T and after about an hour with them on the phone I ended up reconfiguring my entire PC, now everything works again.

We had a good time this weekend and enjoyed spending it with Mark and Dortha. Look forward to meeting up with them in the future.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe


  1. You really need to take some lessons on gambling. I can take five dollars and gamble for a week. I have as much fun as all the others but I don't win as much and sure don't lose as much either. Glad to see that you all had fun...we went to the Windstar and Sherri scored good...I scored on cheap diesel and we went home

    Sherri and Joe

  2. Thanks for a great weekend. We look forward to the next time.

    Dortha and Mark

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