Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick Day

Busy day today, started at 6am, shower, breakfast and off to the mall. Worked on replacing ceiling tiles in two of the businesses due to roof leaks. Allot of cutting down tiles and cut outs for sprinkler heads. Repaired a trailer tongue jack, cleaned out one of the service areas, built and painted a table for the landscaping crew, let the table umbrellas down. Busy days go by faster. The wind is starting to pick up, 10mph with gusts to 20mph. Tomorrow they are saying sustained at 15mph gusts 25-30mph. We only had a light sprinkle of rain this afternoon. They are saying this storm is the size of Texas. Our prayers go out to those in the path of Ike.
Birthday party for our son and BIL at there home. May not make chat tonight, depends on when we get back, they live out in the county on 5 acres.

Stay Safe

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