Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visitors From Texas

Usual morning at the fire station. About 4pm one of the local hotels called and asked if we could come by and wish a Happy Birthday to a firefighter from Texas who just found out he had lost his house back in Port Arthur. The guys loaded up in the engine and stopped by Walmart to pick up a birthday cake to take with them. It was a family of 10 out of Texas and Louisiana. His father retired FD and he was retiring next year. They were run out of town by a hurricane last year on his birthday also. We were cooking red beans and rice and invited the family back to eat supper with us at the station. They arrived at 6:45 and after the blessing began loading up the plates. RB&R, garlic bread, drinks and 3 types of pies for dessert. They were very grateful that we would do this, we just let them know we are all family and were sure they would have done the same for us.
Bridget talked with her kinfolk in Warren, TX and they were out of power and had 2 windows broken, vinyl siding damage and other minor damage. They are located about 45 miles north of Beaumont.
Hope that our Texas Dreamers made it though Ike without to much damage.
We also had a FD softball tournament which started at 9a and ended at 8p, our team took second place.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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