Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day To All

Well it's labor day and Gustav has made landfall. Our Reginal Response Team (RRT) has been activated. We have a Ford F350 towing a boat, rescue truck, and an 8 man team on standby for possible deployment to southern Louisiana in the morning. Right now in Ridgeland it is 79 degrees with winds from the East at 17mph gusting to 28mph. Tornado warnings have been numerous in our area since after noon. No touchdowns as of this writing in our area. Forecasted for 100% rain today and tomorrow. Unlike Katrina we were spared from Gustav.

I have the morning off and will go in and work the 3p-11p shift at the mall tomorrow.

Stay Safe

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  1. Good you dodged the bullet on that one. My son in law was sent to New Orleans for security reasons. I am not sure when he will return.

    Joe and Sherri