Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain Again then Sun

Did not get to post or chat on Wednesday-Internet down at the house, probably flooded. So Wednesdays post:

Rained all day again, worked at the mall til 3pm. When I got home I hooked the trailer up to pull it out so it could be loaded for our trip this weekend. This was done in the rain, did I mention it rained all day. After I get that done I go inside and say to myself, self, it's hot in here. 82 degrees inside, 76 degrees outside and the A/C is set on 74 degrees. I'm thinking this can not be good, all the inside stuff is working properly so I go outside in the rain and check the outside unit, fan is not running. The fan motor is so hot I can't touch it, this is actually a good thing. I remove the electrical cover and energize the contact switch, compressor comes on fan does not. That is why it was a good thing. Fan motor $60, new outside unit $4,000. To late for a fan motor so we opened some of the windows for the night. My plan was to replace it on Monday after we get back from Tunica. The boss spoke up and said it will be fixed tomorrow, I said "yes dear". Had a little rain blow in through one of the windows, 6pm weather said rain was going to stop around 8pm.

Todays post:

At FD today, like most FD's the guys have side jobs. Mike Bullock is getting off at 8am, care to guess what his side job is? I asked him if he was doing anything today and he said no, what you got. Which I replied with the fan motor on my condensor is out. He said no problem so as of noon the boss has A/C again.

Usual calls today, EMS and fire alarms. For some crazy reason yet to be determined, one of the six tornado sirens decided it would activate so we had to turn the breaker off to it, repairman will be out as soon as possible.

Bridget will load the trailer this evening and we will leave out between 8-9am for our 2-3 hour drive to Tunica. We will be meeting up with Mark and Dortha for the weekend. They have their new 40' Phaeton they are checking out for any problems. Hopefully there will not be any. They are staying around this area for a short while so if needed can return to the dealer for adjustments or whatever.

Sun came out for a little while then clouds again, see you in chat.

Stay Safe

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  1. You guys have fun without me and don't feel bad about it..I will be OK. Just drop a penny in a slot for me...let me know how much I win that is all I need.

    Joe and Sherri