Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny

Happy Birthday Jenny, yes my friends, chatroom Jenny is 24 today . We had a chatroom birthday party for her tonight.

Got home this morning from FD, we had creamed eggs on toast with bacon. After breakfast we went to Lowes so Bridget could pick out the cabinet and trim colors for the kitchen, then to Walmart for groceries, Bridget usually does this but I went with her today. I hate going to Walmart, I think everybody in town was there.

Watched all but the last lap of the Busch race, Directv showed up in time to turn of the satellite to change out the dish from a 3lbn to a 5lbn so we now have HD. When the TV came back on the race had been over and I don't know who won, will have to google it. Then looked on my bill and find out they have been charging me for HD since March 2006 so I called CS and talked with 4 different people, I was hung up on once, hopefully accidental disconnect on their end but finally will be getting a $300 credit. I was in chat when I realized I had not posted for today.

Stay Safe

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