Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Dinner's For Two

Worked the mall 7a-3p, usual day. When I got home the 150 psi air compressor had come in. I unboxed it then let it run and cycle a few times to make sure everything was working correctly, it was so I topped off the trailer tires at 125 psi, the suspension at 70 psi and hitch at 75 psi. We will be leaving next Friday for Talladega. Compressor is now in the basement in the front, I also put a moisture separator on it. We are going out to dinner for Annie's and Amy's birthday, Amy's was actually while we were out of town and Annie's was Monday so we scheduled it for tonight. Dinner will be with Amy, Kay, Bo, Cecily, Annie, Bridget and I. I also have to make Amy a cheesecake. Will try to make chat tonight.

Stay Safe


  1. Birthday meal was great. I enjoyed the visit with everyone. Thanks again for the birthday dinner! Nee Nee

  2. Thank you so much for my memories in Ole Mexico last night.Loved the company and the food was great too!Thank you Bridget for the card and frame although your friendship is a gift in it self.Thank goodness for Meals on Wheels and all the laughs we've shared while in it!!! Thank you both for a wonderful time.

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