Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Public Employee's Retirement System

Bridget met me at the FD and we went from there to the body shop that did the repair work from the accident on Dec 1. We dropped the truck off and headed down to Crystal Springs to remove the carpet. As you know, my mom has been diagnosed with chronic leukemia and my sister wants to put down the Allure wood floors to cut down on allergens. Chronic leukemia attacks the immune system and infections are contracted easily. After that we headed home. I piddled in the trailer and after talking with Mark the other day I was finally able to figure out the satellite wiring, Thanks Mark. We will now have satellite at Talladega and all our other trips. I had a two o'clock appointment at PERS for my retirement questions and found out I have allot of time that I need to take as I won't get credit for it and will lose it. After that we headed home but also called the body shop to check on the truck. They said the condenser had a pin hole leak and ordered another one. It will be replaced when it comes in and we will have A/C again. Temps right now are not bad, 70's day and 50's night. Got home and piddled some more.

Stay Safe


  1. Sounds like we need to meet up in Tunica if you have some day to spend. LOL


  2. Well you better use them all...wish we were headed that way we would share some time off with you. I have to work all my days but it wont be long.

    Joe and Sherri