Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie

Today is Bridget's sisters birthday. Happy Birthday Annie. Update on Bob's sister, Aunt Sis' condition has worsened and it looks grim. Please continue to pray for her. Spent the morning piddling around the house. Left in the afternoon for Philadelphia, MS to meet Mark and Dortha on their way thru. We all ate at the buffet in the Silver Star Casino, played the slots a while then went to Mark and Dortha's rig and visited. Had a great time and enjoyed their company.

Stay Safe

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  1. Thanks for the B'day wishes. I am now 49 and HOLDING! When I think of Aunt Sis it is this saying that comes to mind:
    Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often
    Let's face it, in Dad's family when it is funny, it is FUNNY.
    John, I continue to pray for Mom Hatch too. Nee Nee