Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy All Day

Worked the mall 7-3 normal day plus pressure washing sidewalks in front of one of the restaurants. Bridget picked me up and then picked up the TSC gang, Amy, Kay, Frank, and Cecily and we all went to a Mexican restaurant, after lunch we went back by to drop them off and had the orange cheesecake for dessert. When Bridget picked me up at 3, we left heading for the Cummins dealership to pick up the exhaust brake, left there heading to pick up the truck, the A/C is working. Got home and fixed the neighbors push mower and riding mower, she had too much oil (quart or more) in the push mower and a bad spark plug. The riding mowers deck was bent so I straightened it and raised the front of the deck. After that I went down to Crystal Springs to meet with the floor guy. When I got home one of the fire fighters called me and said he had a friend that was heading to Talladega in their motor home and were having electrical problem. I went over to Timberlake Campground and started checking electrical. Turns out the inverter is not working. Rewired the microwave to a different circuit until they can get the inverter changed out. Tired and going to bed.

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  1. Dang John...I wish I had that much energy!! You have tired me out tonight so I think I will just set here at work and read journals...LOL

    Joe and Sherri