Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friday thru Tuesday

Left out Friday morning with Cheaha State Park as our destination. After 5 1/2 hours of driving we had arrived and set up. This is a beautiful state park with full hook ups at $21 a night plus 10% tax. Cheaha State Park is located at the highest point in Alabama at just over 2,400 feet above sea level. This is a park we will return to when we are in the area. If I can figure out how to link to Picasa I will add a link of our weekend trip to Talladega Super Speedway. Try THIS link. Please work.
Friday night we went into the city of Oxford, AL for our daily Walmart stop and ate at a restaurant called "The Fried Tomato" which was a buffet. The food was very good and we did not eat too much. When we got back to the trailer I was going for my chat fix when low and behold I found a spot that Verizon doesn't work, not surprising since it was 14 miles from any city and the highest point in AL.
Saturday after breakfast we headed out to the track for the Nationwide race 117 laps which was 312 miles, the Sunday race was 188 laps for 499 miles. Saturday night we grilled T-bones at the campground.
Sunday after breakfast we headed back to the track and met up with my niece Renee. After walking around and getting autographs for her we met up with Troy and his family, they were tailgating right next to the park. Troy is a captain on my shift at the FD. We walked over to the track and enjoyed another NASCAR race, this is our third event. Talladega in Oct 05, April 09, and Bristol Mar 09.
Slept in Monday after breakfast we went to Camping World and the grocery store then did some sight seeing. Relaxation after that which included more grilling of food.
Tuesday after breakfast we put everything away for our trip back home. Uneventful with a rest stop for lunch and a Flying J fuel stop.
See you in chat.

Stay Safe


  1. You are getting this travel thing down...now just retire so you can hit the road with us.

    See you Sunday,

  2. What a great time you had. We will add that park to our list of places to stay.