Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two In One Day

Normal mall work day of 7a-3p. When I got home I had a package in the mail and one at the door. The mail package was the LP detector for the trailer and the other was the HP C5580 printer I ordered. The printer was first and only to get unpacked. I first installed it on the desktop and then on my laptop. Tried to print from my laptop and nothing, I was thinking about calling Speedy but didn't have his number. Ended up calling Jim and Dee, they had a similar printer. Turns out the one I ordered was not a wireless printer but a Bluetooth printer thanks to Jim's help and less then 2 minutes. Called HP for an RMA #, that was a treat. I ended up talking with some of Speedy's friends in India for instructions on sending it back. I thought they were simple instructions from what I could understand. I printed off the email and boxed the printer, took the email with RMA # and address down to FedEx/Kinko's. Cart the printer inside and set it on the counter. Lady says I have to have the label with the bar code on it. I don't know about a bar code and ask her to print one off, she says they can't do it. I called our friends in India to find out I had to print the label, new information. Guess where the printer is. I went over to F/K's label maker at .20 a minute plus .49 for the label, I go to work. 4 minutes later it says web address doesn't exist. I called the lady over and she read the address to me to double check (I didn't have my reading glasses with me) and still nothing. Not a happy camper so she calls the 800 number and she reads the address to them as she is putting it in her computer, yes that is it they say, web address doesn't exist. They have her do a Google search and use that link. Poof, there it is. Turns out the address they emailed me is an old and out of date address link. Anyway, the printer is on it's way back and when my account is credited I will order the C4580 printer.

Stay Safe


  1. You were nice. Speedy would have had a few choice words... I have a hard time dealing with all this stuff.

  2. I agree with Leno, good job on the call. Jim says to call if you have trouble, but should work fast.