Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water, Golf and a Movie

Woke up to no water at 7, forgot that when the temp goes down below freezing to unhook the hose. Done for tonight after filling the fresh water tank. Tonight is our last below freeze for the time we are here. Water back at 9 after it warmed up some. Watched TV and read blogs, before lunch we took a 1.5 mile walk through the park. Got back and had sandwiches, chips and an apple. After lunch I headed to the local golf course and played 9 holes. I need golf lessons is all I will say. When I got home Bridget and I drove back into town to Wal Mart for some groceries and other items. Menu for supper was chicken, brown rice and carrots. We then watched "The Cowboy Way". Dawg and his family will be here tomorrow afternoon.

Stay Safe


  1. Some golf and a trip to Wal Mart sounds like a pretty good day. LOL

  2. You need to play golf with me and then you will feel good about your game..