Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doctors, Microwaves and Roadtrip

This morning was our FD stress test which is done annually at the station by Greenville Fitness out of South Carolina. While I was there Bridget was at her doctors appointment having her blood levels checked for thyroid and cholesterol. I left the FD and picked up Dawg (Nathan), he did his testing this morning also as we will be camping this weekend in Alabama. He had to drop off his truck for leather repairs. I took him over to where his dad works for a ride home. After Bridget finished her doctors appointment she went to Sears to pick up the microwave I ordered back in December. We both got home about the same time and finished loading the trailer. Got hooked up and on the road we went. We left about 11 and after 1 rest area stop pulled into Foscue Creek COE park in Demopolis, AL just after 2. Got the trailer and Directv satellite set up then we rode into town to look around. While there we decided to have dinner at a local joint. Now back at the trailer relaxing.

Stay Safe

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