Friday, January 22, 2010

The Game of 10 Penny

We've had some emails about 10 penny, this is the fire station version of 10 Penny

It is played with 3 decks of cards including the jokers and 10 pennies (or whatever you would like to use) for each player to buy cards. Shuffle all the cards and deal out 10 cards face down to each player. Turn the top card on the deck face up.

The first player is after the dealer (clockwise). The first player has the option of buying the face up card using a penny and gets the face up card and 3 face down cards. Be warned that once your pennies are gone you can no longer buy cards, each round gets harder. If the first person does not want the card it goes to the next person (continuing clockwise) until it gets back to the dealer. If nobody purchases the card then the first person will draw 2 cards. If someone buys the card other then the first person, this is called buying out of turn and they get the face up card along with the next 2 down cards (cannot lay anything down until their turn) then the first person starts by drawing 2 cards. From this point, only the card that was discarded can be purchased.

Each round is played out until someone gets rid of all the cards in their hand. After satisfying the round hand, cards are then removed from your hand by laying down sets of 3 or by playing on other players cards that are down on the table. Cards that are laid down on the table from your hand are turned face up so each player will be able to play on them once they have satisfied the round hand.

Card Points

3-9=5 points

10, Jacks, Queens and Kings=10 points

2 and Aces=20 points

Jokers=50 points

Round Hands

R1 Two sets of 3 cards with 2’s being wild

R2 One set of 4 cards with 2’s being wild

R3 Two sets of 4 cards with 2’s and jokers being wild

R4 One set of 5 cards with 2’s and jokers being wild

R5 Two sets of 5 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

R6 One set of 6 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

R7 One set of 7 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

Once you have drawn and have your round hand you can lay them down on or hold them, just remember if someone goes out before it gets back to you it will cost you points. Highest score loses after R7. Redistribute 10 pennies to play again.

NOTE: FYI, Pennies are not won in this game.


  1. Sounds like fun... Will be trying this game soon... Have fun and win lots of pennies!

    Travel Safe

  2. THANK YOU for posting up the play rules. I'll print it out and start playing.


  3. Thanks guys...we copied this to our documents so we will have it to remind us how it all works. We don't have anyone to play with here anymore.