Friday, April 9, 2010

Betty and Joe, Josh and Lindsey are in Mississippi!

John at the FD today for another 24 hour shift. :( Met John at Biaggi’s today for lunch. John ordered the spinach salad with a smoked turkey and avocado sandwich and I chose the chicken Florentine soup with a smoked turkey club sandwich.

After lunch I picked up Marcy and we went shopping for birthday gifts. Before we knew it dinner time was approaching. On my way back to the camper I picked Annie up to hang out tonight while John was at work. We stopped back by the camper to feed Fred and get some dinner for John. After the dinner run to the fire station Annie and I went on to Mazzio’s. While we were there John called and told us that our friends Betty and Joe from Kentucky had arrived in town to attend John’s retirement party. This is a nice surprise. :) We are so happy to see them as we have not been able to get up to Kentucky for a visit in a long time. Betty and Joe came over to Mazzio’s to join Annie and I. After sharing a lot of laughs we drove over to Bob and Marcy’s to surprise them. We visited for a while there then drove Annie hope and we were on our way back to the camper to call it a night.

Josh and Lindsey are also in town. They arrived last night from Maryland. Josh worked at the FD with John before moving back to Baltimore, MD. Josh now works for Baltimore City FD at Engine8/Truck10 station. Today they made a day trip to New Orleans.

Tomorrow is the retirement party. I am sure there will be laughs and a few tears.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Sam sends his best wishes to John for his retirement party, wish I could could celebrate with him, I am sure he will enjoy all the comraderie that goes with a momentous event like this.Be safe , Sam & Donna