Monday, April 5, 2010

No Surgery for Sandie.

John off today. :) We had a busy morning. John had a doctor’s appointment then we ran errands which consisted of the grocery store, post office and Camper Corral. After lunch John installed the new antenna on top of the camper then took a much needed nap.

While John was taking his nap I started cooking dinner. We had turkey meatloaf, fried squash and green beans. The weather was so nice we ate outside. After dinner John, Fred and I went for a walk. As we walked past one of the campers on the back side of the park we saw a large dog that looked just like Fred. It was funny because the dog looked like a mirror image of Fred only very very large. LOL

Update on our sister-in-law Sandie. Harold called back this morning to say that her condition was not as bad as it first appeared. After additional tests this morning, the doctors have decided that no surgery will be needed. There is a break in the arm but it is in a place where a cast cannot be used. She will be in a sling for a while. Please continue to pray for her recovery. Thanks for all the well wishes for her.

Remember to laugh every day. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Will do...Hope she can hold cards for Ten Penny!! HA HA