Monday, April 26, 2010

Duct tape needed!!!!!

John off today. :)  He took the truck to have the oil, transmission filter and fluid changed.  While he was gone I did my daily Wii workout.

After lunch we headed off to town for my two doctor appointments.  In between appointments John and I went to a couple of shoe stores to look at men’s flip flops.  He is looking for a certain kind but has not found them.  By the time I got out of my last appointment it was dinner time and we were hungry.  We stopped off at Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant in Madison.

Upon returning to the camper we noticed it was very warm inside.  John climbed on the roof and took the cover off and found the foil backing off the insulation had fallen down in front of the air conditioner coil which stopped the air flow.  John needed duct tape to fix it and guess what……that is the only kind of tape we did not have.  Luckily for us one of our fellow campers, Bill, loaned John some.  Thanks Bill.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails  Stay safe.


  1. It's a good thing you discovered the lack of duct tape now rather than later. There are times when nothing else will do!

  2. From Apollo 13 to RVs~ duct tape comes through again. Glad you got it fixed.

  3. I never leave home without it!! But then this is my home???