Friday, April 16, 2010

Mom Hatch in hospital.

John off today.  He had a doctor’s appointment this morning and was laid up most the day.  Mom Hatch has been admitted into the hospital for testing after passing out at the hair salon.  The doctor wants to make sure her heart is ok.  Please remember her in your prayers.

I have been busy with last minute arrangements for Annie’s big party tomorrow.  Thanks to our friend Kay we will have tables for seating outside by the pool.   The weather is supposed to be a warm 79 degrees with only a 20 percent change of rain later in the day. 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. All the best to Mom Hatch. I hope she is soon back on her feet an feeling great.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mom Hatch.

    Rod and Connie

  3. Hope both John and Mom Hatch are back on their feet real soon.

    We are trying to keep the rain here in Texas and off of your party.


  4. I sure will pray for Mom Hatch.
    Happy Trails, Nearly There!
    Penny, TX