Friday, April 2, 2010

Road Trip

Got up a little after 7:30, after breakfast we walked around the park, Bridget did one lap and I did two. Yesterday I measured it off with our handheld GPS, it is 1/2 a mile around the outer most loop. After showers we left for the Camping World in Hammond, LA. We arrived at lunch time so we went to Don's Seafood before making it to CW. We enjoy the food at Don's, Bridget had the fish lunch special and I had the catfish and shrimp lunch. After a great lunch we went to CW to stimulate the economy, I believe we were successful. After returning home I hooked up the automatic satellite antenna and called Dish Network and set it up, I tried yesterday for a while to get the satellite to connect but it never happened. Within 10 minutes with Dish we were on. I also have a table to put together Sunday along with installing a roof antenna. We also picked up 2 lawn chairs. Just before dark we made 2 more laps around the park.

Stay Safe

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  1. Things are coming together...WEEEE Wont be long now and we will all be back together at the Castle Rock.