Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in Mississippi

Up at 7:30 and out for a walk with Fred.  John was up by the time I returned.  We will be heading back to Mississippi today.  John’s back is still bothering him and he feels our regular chiropractor can fix the problem.  We will also be visiting family while there.  Both my Mom and  Dad have been sick with sinus infections.  Last night my Dad had to go to the emergency room for relief from a severe headache that would not go away.  After undergoing a CT Scan the doctor determined the headache was the result of a very bad sinus infection. The doctor gave him pain medicine and changed the antibiotics.  Hopefully the medicine will start making a difference real soon.

As we were getting everything road ready Jim and Elllie came by to say “See You Later”.   I think they were headed to Tunica, Mississippi today.  We had a great time with them yesterday while exploring Beale Street and visiting with them at their campsite.  We are so glad we stayed the extra day and spent it with them.  I am sure we will see them down the road later.

We arrived in Brandon, Mississippi around 2:30 and set up at Timberlake Campground


It was still early after getting everything set up which allowed us enough time to see our chiropractor.  John and I both went in for adjustments.  John said he felt a difference immediately with his back .  Yeah!!! I am so glad for him because he has been suffering for a month now.  My problem was my neck and shoulder.  I have problems that stem from a rear-ender car accident that happened over ten years ago. 

After the chiropractor John and I stopped in to visit my Mom and Dad.  While we were visiting my sister came in and the conversation turned to “What’s for dinner?”.  Since my sister was driving we left it up to her.   The choice was Cracker Barrel.  We were seated in a corner away from the main dining area which sometimes means bad service but not this time.  Our server was one of the most efficient and conscientious servers we have ever encountered at Cracker Barrel.  John told her they needed to giver her four stars instead of the one star on her apron.  Good customer service is very hard to come by these days. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Glad you guys are feeling better after getting Rice Krispied (snap,crackle,pop). With all the driving we all do, it's good to get relief sometimes. We have a 6 hour drive coming up that I'm dreading ;) Can you believe I hate car trips? Not your average RVer for sure!!

  2. I suffer with sinus headaches almost daily, so I totally sympathize with your parents. Have they ever tried a neti pot? The whole idea is to irrigate your sinuses with warm water...I've tried it a couple times, using a measuring cup..It's pretty messy and very weird...but it helped me. Just a thought.

  3. I go to the Neshoba County Fair for a few days and ya'll come thru Memphis!

    This is your surprise vistor from Memphis that dropped in on you before you left Mississippi. I have been following your travels. I hate I didn't get a chance to take you to lunch and hear more about your travels to this point. Glad you are feeling better.