Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally…we see wildlife….Elk and Bison

Spent most of the day inside chilling out and watching movies.  The weather is so hot here.

Later on in the afternoon we headed out for a drive along The Trace.  We were hoping to see some wildlife to photograph.  One of the  places along The Trace is the Elk and Bison Prairie. Finally, we see wildlife.



They don’t have to worry about me getting out of the vehicle.  The animals can have all the space they want.  We will admire them from afar.


In this photo John was able to snap a picture of an elk and some turkeys.


Finally…we see a bison.


An elk grazing along the side of the road.


This elk was just a few yards away from the previous one.


It finally looked up at us.


It is hard to see but to the right of the center there is a bison behind the trees.



After leaving the Elk and Bison Prairie we stopped at the Homeplace 1850 Interpretative Center. We were too late to purchase tickets this afternoon so we looked at the exhibits in the front of the gift shop.  The Homeplace 1850 is a living, working historical farm located in Pryor Hollow near the old community of Model, TN, now a part of Land Between the Lakes.  Sounds like a very interesting place to tour.

By the time we finished looking around dinner time was approaching.  John pulled into a restaurant called Sirloin Stockade in Murray, Kentucky.  As we pulled in and parked we noticed the parking lot was packed. John said, “This is either the only place in town or it is very good.”  It was very good.  John chose the food bar and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato. 

Since it was still light out when we returned to the campground we went for a short walk.  It is still just too hot here.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. You said "The Trace"..Was that the same Natchez Trace we were on in MississippI?? I think it goes from Nashville to Natchez..but we never saw any wildlife..(other than a few Canadians partying on the side of the road) NO OFFENSE MEANT, ALL YOU MAPLE LEAFS! If you get the chance, go to Natchez Under the Hill in Natchez, down by the river...It's the seedier side of town.. used to be the home of brothels and bars...right up my alley!!!(Still is a neat old bar there!!)

  2. "The Trace" is a road that runs South out of Grand Rivers, KY down the Land between the Lakes and into TN. The Natchez Trace Parkway does run from Natchez, MS up to Nashville, TN and came through our hometown of Madison, MS.

    Stay Safe